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meubles d’hôtel
The 19th century's antique
  of king’s chair with the
thick flannel reveals the
more noble and host
status when you sit on it.
It is an Europe’s antique sofa which
  catches a glimpse of the refined way of taste.
By lamplight,
  leans against and or lies
on the soft sofa, tastes a
cup of nice tea and reads
one of pages' scripture.
On the corner of the
  dark place, a lighted lamp
which distantly light the
road and human life warm
up the hearts of the
traveler and wanderer.
It is an Europe’s antique
  sofa which send forth a
sweet smell of cigar.
The old Shanghai antique
  furniture which decorate
with the style of a spiral
shape is an elegant
pattern with circle.
It is an Europe’s antique furniture which colors are
  daring a great contrast as usual.
A kind and simple also
  refined Italian’s table
lamp which belongs to
the prime minister of
Italian in the U.S. movie
appears an intangible
presence at dusk
spreading over the earth
with reviving old
Classic old Shanghai tall
  legs table, as if the
beautiful long legs of a
slim girl with an attractive
carriage, presented herself
before our eyes.
In the wide, soft single
  personal chair, leisure
seems without limits.
Goddess who guards and prays quiet and peaceful on earth
  comes down.
The great magnificent antlers’ chandelier falls
  of the prairie mood.
It is a Modern and Yuppie lobby with sense
  of the present world.
In spite of putting on the corner, the fan has
  unusual experiences in its lifetimes.
An old leather baggage, what kinds of times、
  seasons and human life was carried over?
Inattentively padded by an old newspaper,
  it followed the leather baggage traveling
each country to country.
Undergone 50 years traveling,
  the turned yellow the old newspaper
was just printed in the year of 1961.
A VIP chair, pure and genuine 19 century
  King’s strain with nobility’s taste, conceals
the lasting appeal of times which has gone
through two centuries test of times.
If we are destined by Heaven to sit in here
side by side, have we any reasons to loosen
the already hold of fast hands?
It is a sofa come from 1950s, colors,
  flourishing beauties to the full, and
satisfying the impact of vision.
The noble bird in the
  beautiful cage sings the
fine melody.
The line structures are
  the plane surface and
the solid body in the
space of a geometric
The intersection
  and hallucination
of light & shadow.
The rays of light with
  brilliant and dazzling
come from Egypt’s
crystal lamp.
Enjoy Your Life.
The showy luxurious with humble
  all are in the 1967.
With the kind service,
  even the lamp holder can
bow 90 degrees to
welcome guests.
A taste with reviving an
  old custom condenses in
the current of times.
The consideration and carefulness of
  1967 is in all respects.
It is a pretty and cute
  hydrant being changed
by a flourishing colorful
The totem of an European imperial
  families’ style is the logo of 1967.
It is a exquisite electric stove with
  the style of reviving an old custom.
  Without restriction of the
earth gravitation.
Reverie, Vagueness.
  It is only a game in the world of mortals.
The intersection of
  modernity and classic
seems to pass through
in ancient and modern
When strokes the leather quality,
  the well-knit fine craft of Deutschland presents perfectly.
Descending by stair,
  coming and going between
alleys and the lanes could
find the small surprise
without in the pages of
traveling guide books.
Elevating watch , the clearness is just in the vagueness.
Concealment under the
  simple and plain, people
discover the surprise in
Narrow lane.
  Quite houses.
A conglomeration
of splendid and
beautiful things.
It is a welcome iron sign
  board with a special
pleasing quality about it.
  form an interesting contrast.
Little flower within a tiny
  landscape, it is a big fun of traveling.
Passing through the
  window, what kind of
Tainan City’s ,southern
Taiwan, scenery can
we catch sight of?
Not in a big way to discover!
  Welcoming to 1967!
An exotic touch on a
  foreign land with the
atmosphere of magic.
The only color, the only
  impression and the only
To revive an old custom also
  a tendency, being a pure
handmade copper elevator
which moves one floor,
the elevator guide smoothes
one scale; does it return to
the origin after turning a
A 50’s Europe POP style
  table lamp accompanies
the coffee with melodies,
talking to one’s heart
content under the warm
In my view, the tiara
  belongs to Josephine’s
Let me crown for you.
After gaze and gaze,
  can we do enter the lane
and alley’s corner of this
picture or not?
The lady gazes remote;
  lodgers travel away from
The resplendence in the
  twinkling of an eye, it is
neither a fervent embrace,
nor pitching in mountainous
waves, but you hold your
discerning ability.
The goddess of fortune has pity on whom
  be blessed with eternal life, safe and sound.
To look at a whole scene with the
  different field of vision, the world is within
the pupil of your eyes.
This painting makes
  people in ecstasies over
the thoughts to fly to the
beauty and conception!
It could be a masquerade invitation, 
  either mysterious or gorgeous, under the decorations of a
mask and feathers, to dance one night fervor.

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